Global exhibitors see Jinbo | Siemens Global Executive Vice President: Tarn China in nearly 150 years, will continue to integrate into China New Development Pattern

Xiao Song said that as the world’s leading technology company, Siemens will firmly implement sustainable enterprise responsibilities, relying on "Siemens China Carbon Neutral and White Paper", while continuously optimizing its own decarburization path, empower China’s key industries Low carbon transformation, join hands with partners to create a green ecology, contributing to China to achieve the "double carbon" target.

Xiao Song said: "闵行干磨300群 China has promised to achieve carbon peaks in 2030, 2060 years ago. The proposal of the dual-carbon "goal will become a new engine that drives China’s high quality development, promoting the deep changes of China’s energy structure and economic structure.

"With the continuous change of the Chinese market and even the global economy, Siemens also continues to think about how to better serve the Chinese market, and better grasp the Chinese market opportunities, and stand out in competition.

After the 2019 Siemens, the global headquarters of the low-voltage motor business is in China. In October this year, Siemens Electric Products Business China Headquarters settled in Suzhou to fully develop core business such as digital innovation, R & D and manufacturing, serving more than 20 countries and regions 上海喝茶的地方推荐around the world.

According to Xiao Song, September this year, Siemens officially launched the "Zero Pioneer Program" in China, and opened new chapters on the road of sustainable development.

Through this plan, Siemens is committed to the knowledge and experience of digital innovation and cross-section, and join hands with partners to create a green ecology, and empower the end-to-end zero-carbon industry chain.

Siemens will fully promote the cargo process in three fields of operation, supply chain management and customer empowerment, and strive to accelerate the pace of cargo during 2025 to help 爱上海女生自荐区 more than 500 key suppliers and dozens of industries in China. Helps China to achieve "double carbon" goals.

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Cut the onion almost remove the life

On July 8th, it was a year of world allergic disease days. 上海普陀会所论坛 In most citizens’ memory, it may be allergic, the first reaction is pollen, seafood and other allergic sources, eczema, urticaria and other skin diseases.

In fact, it is not only pollen, seafood, causing allergies, cockroaches, onions, milk, and analgesics, etc., may also allergies, even respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma.

Yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed Yang Xiaojuan, deputy 上海油压419论坛 chief physician, deputy director of the emergency center of the city, and she conducted a popular science.

Allergies have triggered asthma. In May of this year, Zhang Ming (pseudonym) of 45-year-old bronchial asthma asthma asthma by other hospitals received, the patient is quite dangerous, the lips are purple, the loss is not Clear, there have been shallow prospects.

After the rescue measures such as intubation, upper ventilator, hydraulic, targeted medication, etc., Zhang Ming finally woke up in the RICU (respiratory intensive care).

He understood the cause of the disease to the doctor: It turned out that he himself had a history of bronchial asthma. It has been well controlled in recent years. It has not been episode. Before the onset, he cooked onion at home, suddenly feels chest tightness, after spraying asthma spray, walking to the nearest hospital to see a doctor. Unexpectedly, the condition was still not relieved after the first hospital, and the last breathing is difficult to cause hypoxia. After the condition is added, it is sent to the city’s emergency center for medical conditions to be rescued. Why will Zhang Ming’s onion triggers such a big problem, and even sent it into ICU rescue? Yang Xiaojuan said and allergic: "Onions belong to irritating food, in the case of bronchial asthma history, smelling this stimulus, once allergic causing airway spasm, bronchial asthma attack, may directly endanger life.

"After the careful treatment of the City Emergency Center Respiratory Department, Zhang Ming’s body has recovered very well.

After the rest is completed, the last is to leave the hospital. Allergenic sources can be investigated in fact allergies that cause asthma allergens not only onions, but also many unexpected substances.

To this end, Yang Xiaojuan shared a case encountered in a job: a 60-year-old male patient accepted surgery in a hospital, and after surgery was very powerful, the doctor made the patient to take common drugs (sodium diclofenac) Analgesic. I didn’t expect to trigger allergies, causing the patient to have bronchial asthma, and finally the rescue of the city emergency center was turned into danger. Yang Xiaojuan told reporters: "In real life, the allergens are very much, except for the flour, grass flour, seafood, rivers we are familiar with dust, household animals, cockroaches, paints, feed, active dyes, onions, Eggs, milk, aspirin, antibiotics, etc.

"Continental, aspirin so common food, drugs may be allergenic, how is ordinary people to prevent? Yang Xiaojuan said, mainly relying on test:" Through specificity reacture test, we can find most of the allergens. Before we found allergens from a 60-year-old female patient. Usually our hospital has done the skin alteration, by doing a bit thorn in the forearm, checking the allergen (allergenic source), this test skin is small, the patient is not painful, just like a mosquito bites. "It is important to avoid allergies to avoid allergies. Brilliant asthma. Yang Xiaojuan believes that the most critical is to prevent:" It is very simple to prevent allergies, which is to avoid contact with allergens and reducing risk factors. But actual life is more difficult, because most people don’t encounter allergies, they will not investigate what sensitive sources, so I can only classify some suggestions according to the allergenic source. First, it is to be said that general bronchial asthma is a patient with a history of bronchial disease, and they need to pay attention to daily management. "Then, according to Yang Xiaojuan, I organized three suggestions:" First, the seasons of spring blossoms, the citizens with bronchial disease history should not go to the outdoor flowers, avoid pollen, grass powder allergic; second, encounter 肉, When burning paper, paint, etc., must pay attention to avoiding; Medical history, avoiding allergies in aspirin. (Reporter Zhao Yingti).


Annual production of 300,000 tons of polyols and carbonate projects in Huainan

Huainan Net News On the afternoon of November 11, the annual output of 300,000 tons of polyols and carbonate projects was held at the Huainan Administration Center.

The Secretary of Huainan Municipal Party Committee Ren Zefeng, Mayor Zhang Xiaocheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Sun Lianghong, the city’s first-level inspector, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Summer Zhiming attended the symposium and witnessed the contract. Hangzhou Puli Material Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman, General Manager Maohong soldiers and city related departments, coal chemical parks responsible comrades to participate 上海嘉定喝茶 in the discussion and signing ceremony.

It is reported that the total investment of the project has about 2 billion yuan, building 300,000 tons / year polycarbonate polyether polyol and propylene carbonate, wherein: a phase investment of about 600 million yuan, building 50,000 tons / year polyol and propylene carbonate Lipid; the second phase investment is about 1.4 billion yuan, building 250,000 tons / annual polyol and propylene carbonate.

After the first phase of the project was completed, the annual sales income can be achieved by about 1.5 billion yuan, with an annual profit of 100 million yuan. The annual tax is about 100 million yuan. It is expected to increase the employment. After the completion of the second phase, it can realize the annual sales income of about 60. 100 million yuan, the average 上海高端工作室资源 annual profit is 700 million yuan, and the annual tax is about 100 million yuan. It is expected to increase the employment of 350. Ren Zefeng gave a congratulations on the signing of the project on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government.

He pointed out that the current, Huainan is in promoting the transformation of resource-based cities, achieving high-quality development, with the in-depth implementation of national strategy of the long triangulation, promoting traditional industries such as "coal and electricity" and other intelligent, digitization , Green development opportunities and huge space.

Hangzhou Puli Material Technology Co., Ltd. has unique advantages and development potential in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the potential for development, and both parties have complementary advantages.

The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will do a good job in service guarantee work and create a high-quality and efficient investment development environment for the enterprise.

I also hope that the company will actively take the bridge, recommend more companies, and the merchants come to Huainan investment, and seek new and seek a win-win situation. Mao Hong soldiers introduced the development of enterprises and project industrialization. It said that Huainan’s industrial base, huge development potential, and enterprises will take the contract as an opportunity to give full play to their own advantages, speed up the project construction, and help Huainan transformation. (Reporter Zhang Jing).


Germany confirmed a total of over 6.5 million during the implementation of the Prime Minister did not rule out Christmas "closed city"

It is recommended to read the public should continue to maintain a good hygiene habit, adhere to the scientific prevention of masks, vaccination, hard-working, no gathering, etc. 2021-12-1320: 56 During the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled, If some athletes are diagnosed with new crown viruses, how will I accept isolation? 2021-12-1320: 55 Starbucks China responded that it has been concerned about the report of two stores in Wuxi Xingbark. The problem of food safety involved in the report is deeply shocked, and this incident is highly concerned. 2021-12-1320: 55 "In the past, the health of the canteen was healthy. The administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing test and record the results in case, and the process is cumbersome." 2021-12 -1318: 52 Recently, Fudan University Intelligent Complex System Basic Theory and Key Technical Laboratory professor discussed the complex kinetics of human brain in the implementation of the human brain in implementing the heart calculation and listening to music. feature.

2021-12-1315: 5213, my country’s Long March series launched rocket ushered in the 400th launch, the Long March 4 B-loaded rocket successfully sent Practice No. 6 05 group satellite into space, satellite will be used to carry out spatial environmental detection and New technology test verification.

2021-12-1315: 42 In the promotion of "carbon peaks, carbon neutronia" double carbon objects, China’s new energy vehicles have handed over the transcripts 上海徐汇特殊服务 of the production and sales. 2021-12-1315: At 16 o’clock on the 9th, 16th, the teachers from the space – Shenzhou No. 13 Take the Astronaut Qi Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu are in the big screen, the "Tiangong Classroom" space teaching activities unveiled . 2021-12-1314: 53 National Computer Network Emergency Technology Processing Coordination Center (CNCERT), China Network Space Security Association Recently issued "APP illegal and illegal collection and analysis of personal information monitoring and analysis report".

2021-12-1314: 15 and the past, only give money to help the incubation technology, Weng Yong hit more about helping the research results to find the market, helping the company to find technology and let the tripartite form a community. 2021-12-1314: 05 Using renewable energy 上海喝茶资源群 electrolyte hydrogen is considered to be one of the most feasible strategies of high-purity hydrogen production, but due to the shortage of fresh water resources, electrolysis seawater has become a research hotspot. 2021-12-1313: 51 In July this year, Liu Yi team acquired the first global carbon flux data set and map of China’s carbon satellite. This marked that my country has the space of global carbon payments, and Japan, The third country after the United States has the country. 2021-12-1313: 41 Li Yanhong said that my country has leading scientific and technological talent bonuses, with rich artificial intelligent application scenarios, with unparalleled good policy environments, China’s intelligent transportation development must go in the forefront of the world. 2021-12-1309: 41 For example, you can sell equipment in the game, sell your identity, in the Yuancosian, the equipment and identity, we can understand the real estate of the Yuan Universe as an alternative equipment and identity .

2021-12-1309: 41 Ski Ski Daji, also known as "Xue Fei Tian", located in the new Shougang Park in Beijing Shijingshan, is the only snow competition in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. 2021-12-1309: 31 Drinking your milk will drink probiotics into your stomach, these probiotics are actually "living biothermal", which is conducive to our gastrointestinal motility. 2021-12-1309: 24 According to a study published on the 10th of Nature · Electronics, Finnish researchers have developed a circuit that can generate high-quality microwave signals required to control quantum computers at temperatures close to absolute zero. .

2021-12-1309: 23 "In the past, the health of the canteen was healthy. The administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing test and record the results in case, and the process is cumbersome." 2021-12 -1309: 21 Protein Structure Prediction is an important "holy cup" of biology, and is also one of the most popular research in the field of artificial intelligent falling life sciences. 2021-12-1309: 20 The Shougang Ski Billet in Shijingshan District, Beijing officially launched the snow work on the 12th.

The first steel skiing platform in Shijingshan District, Beijing officially launched snow work on the 12th.

2021-12-1313: 56.


Chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee: I hope that the Olympics will be closed before the end of March.

Original title: The Chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee: I hope that the Olympic Games will be closed before the end of March. At the beginning of the 25th Olympic Torch relay, it is possible to decide whether to allow the audience to watch the Olympics.

  The bridgebotapo is the above view, she said: "It is best to introduce the audience as soon as possible, I hope that at least 上海各区工作室喝茶 first determines a big direction.

"The bridgedata of the Chairman of the Olympic Organizing Committee was also said last week:" Because the Olympic torch relay begins on March 25, we must 爱上海会员验证交流区 determine the big direction at that time.

Once the Torch Relay begins, it means that the game is about to begin, this timing is critical. "The International Olympic Committee president Bach has told reporters after the Executive Committee, and the overseas audience can enter Japan to watch the Olympic Games will be announced in April or May.

He also said that the issue involving ticketing and entry and exit of the Olympic Games cannot be dragged too late. Bach said: "We hope to wait until the last moment, but this is impossible.

"The International Olympic Committee Olympic Executive Director Christopher Dolby also said that" the end of April "should be the best time to make a decision. When I visited Japan in November last year, I promised that the Olympic Game will not be held, 上海油压店贴吧 will be held. Allow "reasonable number" audience to watch the game. But after the deterioration of Japanese epidemics, Japan, including Tokyo, there were many Dufu County, and he also said that it could not rule out the possibility of closed doors.

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AI application in traditional industries facing three major challenges the premise is the application of high-quality data

Original title: AI application of traditional industry is facing three major challenges the premise is the application of high-quality data recently, artificial intelligence known scholar Andrew Ng published an article, set out his understanding of the application of artificial intelligence slow in the traditional industry.

Whether it is personalized recommendation when the brush a short video, or time-consuming estimated time of take-away delivery, or face recognition when mobile payment to the algorithm as the representative of AI technology is used in consumer Internet industry was "handy." However, traditional industries mentioned, it is difficult to think of a typical case of a very rapid mature application of artificial intelligence. Why AI technology in speed and range far less traditional industries such as consumer Internet industry? AI application of consumer Internet industry more competitive, "it depends primarily on the application of AI technology data, calculate the force and algorithms." Associate Professor Faculty of intelligence and computing Tianjin University Zhu Pengfei introduction, the first data to achieve a certain body mass, which is the basis of the application, in addition Operators must be able to support large-scale force training model, aspects algorithm then need to reach a certain precision, side force should be considered to have some reasoning ability.

Currently only reason why consumer Internet companies in the large-scale application of AI technology, the main consumer Internet companies have more advantages in these three areas.

A few years ago a short video and now so popular, such as the initial development of Taobao, also did not have a strong user stickiness.

With push more accurate sense of the user experience has been greatly improved, the final presentation of subscriber growth spurt.

"Precision push depends on improving the accuracy of the algorithm, and the algorithm to enhance accuracy can not do without vast amounts of data as a basis." Zhu Pengfei explained that in this single scene, the algorithm model needs to evolve, life-long learning.

Since the data is not a closed environment, there is always adding new data, algorithmic models need to constantly be adjusted by learning, iterative upgrade, so that more and more high precision, forming a virtuous circle. "At the same time, although the consumer Internet industry on the accuracy of the algorithm has risen to a certain height, but some traditional industries scenarios, consumer Internet industry are relatively low compared to the AI ??algorithm accuracy acceptable threshold, such as short video, Taobao preference recommendation, Baidu hot search keywords, only need to achieve user-generated sticky, as long as there is a certain accuracy, users can accept.

"Zhu Pengfei said that by contrast, in many traditional industries, the requirements for technical accuracy is much higher.

For example, based on the application of AI technology in the visual aspects of face recognition, high-speed rail stations, airports verify your identity, comparing the accuracy of 1:1% to as high as or even higher can be used.

In the calculation force, the current cloud operator can support large-scale forces have been training 上海哪里有桑拿按摩 model and reasoning, such as short video, Taobao and recommend.

However, a large number of traditional industries in the application scenario, the end of the count on the force intelligent terminal can not meet the requirements of real-time and accurate reasoning. "Compared to electricity providers and social networking systems, closed ecological system makes traditional industries scenarios count the clouds force can not be effectively applied." Zhu Pengfei example, intelligent unmanned systems, for example inspection, electrical inspection, pipeline inspection , traffic patrol, river patrol and inspection requirements photovoltaic mounted on drones and robots calculate the force for real-time inspection requirements, due to the higher complexity of the model video analysis side are often unable to achieve 上海油压 accurate and efficient real-time reasoning, lightweight network while meeting the real-time loss of recognition accuracy.

Since the algorithm can not reach precision requirements, so that the application can not be achieved in many scenarios AI technology.

AI application in traditional industries facing three major challenges Andrew Ng believes in AI applications in other industries outside of the consumer Internet industry are faced with three major challenges: the data set is small; high customization costs; verification process from idea to production deployment very long. In this regard, Zhu Pengfei also emotionally, he analyzed the traditional manufacturing industry as an example.

"The traditional manufacturing enterprises in the manufacturing process to wisdom made the transition, the 爱上海水磨价格 data is a very prominent problem.

"Zhu Pengfei introduction, first of all there is a certain degree of difficulty in access data. Data traditional manufacturing enterprises are closed, because a lot of the traditional enterprise is not new information technology equipment, there is no real-time data collected by the sensors, there is no data center, the data fragmented, missing serious, difficult to obtain consumer Internet companies in the kind of massive, high-quality image data. Next, the data within the industry each plant has a lot of commercial value, so the factories are strictly confidential, which leads to data does not flow, there is no way to share, and then forming a data island effect, affecting the AI ??algorithm optimization model. "we are developing a model when AI algorithms, because the confidentiality of data, often resulting data are to undergo ‘desensitization’, which also seriously affected our judgment.

The traditional industry companies, the lack of technical personnel with AI algorithm development ability of the model, so both sides there are very high barriers to cooperation in the development process.

"Zhu Pengfei said. In addition, the data source is not as traditional industries in the consumer Internet sector as a scene from a single, complex business scenarios result in data tend to be" dirty "and must be" cleaned "to remove a large number of invalid information, AI algorithms to model high efficiency of learning in order to improve accuracy.

"It’s like we teach children knowledge, they talk about knowledge, children can learn quickly, if mixed with a lot of useless information in the knowledge points, children unable to distinguish, learning efficiency will definitely reduce." Zhu Pengfei introduction, and to mark data "knowledge" work is huge and cumbersome, need to have someone to do business, to spend a lot of time and effort. "Traditional manufacturing in order to obtain high-quality data must be production equipment information, intelligence transformation." Zhu Pengfei said that this transformation requires enterprises to invest a lot of time and energy, but also increase the cost of production, which also act as barriers to the application of AI in the traditional manufacturing sector. High-quality data is a prerequisite for application of the past 10 years, most of the development and application of AI is "software-centric" driven.

In support of massive data, continuous optimization algorithms and software, an algorithm to achieve higher accuracy. In the case of the traditional industry can not improve the quality and quantity of data, Andrew Ng believes that traditional industries should be used "data-centric" model, focusing on better quality, higher degree of matching data. "In this line of thinking, the traditional industry has also emerged some good application cases.

AI image identification system such as the medical field, doctors can help to ‘see’ CT imaging films, tumors and other lesions to be identified to assist the doctor’s judgment.

"Zhu Pengfei, due to a lot of data by professional radiologists were marked on the image of the film, so the data more accurate, AI algorithm model made rapid progress in the learning process. At present, many accuracy of the image recognition system can achieve more than 90%, as is the auxiliary doctor, the doctor needs to do the final medical decisions, but this level of accuracy to a large extent reduce the intensity of the work of doctors.

"Although traditional industries have some application of AI technology success stories, but in order to better and AI combined, have to work hard in improving data quality.

"Zhu Pengfei recommendations, first of all for traditional industries have accumulated huge amounts of data, ensuring data security in the premise of open data initiative. Tap the value of the data in the hidden, and associated demand, there will be much room for development. Secondly, emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, while building intelligent plant planning, put the data acquisition, intelligent factors into account.

But Zhu Pengfei stressed, in traditional industries with good AI technology, but also not to abuse AI technology, do the evaluation before the application, if not improve production efficiency, industry as a whole has improved, so blindly forced to use AI technology, is resource waste. "For example, some scenarios require AI algorithms more than 99% accuracy can only be used by evaluating the existing model algorithm can only reach 90% accuracy, then this scene is no need to force launched AI technology.

"" All in all, for the application of AI technology to the data in advance, there is talk about the application of high-quality data, there is no good data is difficult to have a good application.

"Said Zhu Pengfei (Chen Xi). (Editor: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia) share to allow more people to see.


Can you lose weight?

  Sports can be strong fit, and it is necessary to pay attention to scientific methods for weight loss. People know that control of obesity and keep reasonable weight and benefit. Based on the pursuit of beauty, a variety of weight loss methods have also been produced. So, how to lose weight is reliable? Recently, the Department of Endocrinant Metallographic Metallochemologies in Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University shared the principle of scientific weight loss. Experts also revealed that new technologies of a flora transplant will be applied to the obese population of BMI ≥ 30 for weight loss. Why is it so difficult to lose 上海品茶群水磨会馆 weight? The flora transplant is currently a leading edge treatment for super obese people. In daily life, people often hope to lose weight through lifestyle interventions.

Among them, exercise weight loss is one of the most common means.

However, whether the exercise diet is effective and constant.

Supporters believe that the effect of exercise is very obvious, but there are also many people who think that they have more food after exercise, and it is difficult to achieve weight loss.

  Professor Chen Hong, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical University, said that the exercise and weight loss itself is effective, but many obese people themselves have more cardiopulmonary dysfunction and other chronic diseases, which limits the intensity of 上海水磨干磨价格 sports.

In addition, exercise takes time, you need to master the method, so exercise weight loss is very difficult for ordinary people. Drink a can, take the heat of 300 ~ 400 cards in a few minutes, and want to consume these heat through sports, it may take a long time, such as 5 km per hour, take one Hours can be taken for an hour.

"Eating is happy, metabolism is painful", the bottleneck of sports is a powerful will force; but the movement is very important, it is undoubtedly a very effective way to currently consume energy.

Especially in maintaining weight and preventing rebounding, it has a very large role. Ordinary people suggest adhere to the "150-minute principle", it is to do at least 5 days a week, a medium-intensity aerobics per day, can achieve a good effect. How should 上海龙凤地图 we healthy weight? Professor Sun Jia, "Enzyme", "Enzyme", "Enzyme", etc., "Master Powder", etc. Dietary fibers, it is easy to have a satiety, but it is absolutely not completely replaced with staple food.

Once the meal is stopped, return to normal diet, and the weight will rebound. Take your mouth, do your legs, this is a loss of weight loss.

Many people simply eat less, even don’t eat staple food, it is still very effective at the beginning, but can’t last time, because the intake of the staple food will damage the brain, and people will become slow, because the brain consumption is the main glycogen, The main source of energy is carbohydrate, which is the porridge powder we eat. In addition, the body weight is not only determined by fat, but also a large part is moisture. Professor Sun Jia said that moisture fluctuated in a short time in the human body, diet or do not eat dinner, the weight loss is mostly water loss, which will cause the body fat ratio to be increasing, but consisting of protein and moisture The muscles will also lose with the loss of moisture, but the fat is not reduced. Therefore, Professor Sun Jia pointed out that when we lose weight, the price of staple food should be reasonable. When we lose weight, our carbohydrate is reduced from 55% to 45%, and it has been adjusted to achieve Suitable ratio.

If it is blind, it does not eat staple food, and the heat gap is too large, it is easy to lose muscles, while fat is informally. Professor Sun Jia suggested that it is necessary to achieve a significant weight loss effect through a healthy manner, it is best to start a reasonable weight loss prescription by endocrine experts according to the patient’s own BMI, activity, and physical condition, to regulate human protein, fat and carbon water. The proportion of the three major nutrients of the compound reached the effect of weight loss. New research: Flora transplantation or suitable for super obese people from 2013, the top journal in the field of cellular metabolism continues to report the treatment of obesity of manpum transplantation, researchers identified a kind of intestinal bacteria called Close, This beneficial bacteria in this intestinal microbial group can prevent mice from gain fat, and can also control people’s weight.

  Professor Sing Kong, Second Dipase Metabolic, Zhujiang Hospital, introduced that the current clinical study found that manure migration reached 100% for weight loss, after 4-8 fecal fungi transplantation, it can reach the genus planting, thus achieving weight stability. This is expected to become another effective new method for super obese patients.

  Professor Sun Jia also pointed out that everyone is unique, with different genes, different intestinal flora, different activity intensity, different metabolic capabilities, different health conditions, and different goals. These factors affect people’s dietary schemes and nutrient ratio, so it is necessary to reasonably reduce the fat under the guidance of a doctor.

Text / Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Zhou Jieying correspondent Wu Xiaodan, Han Yumu Map / Guangzhou Daily full media reporter Chen Zhengzi.


Develop pepper industry to help farmers increase

  This year, Yuxi Town, Qiqi, Zhifu City, Zhizhou, Guizhou Province, was selected for the national agricultural power towns. After years of hard work, local pepper planting has not yet, from excellent to strong, becoming the leading industry of mass income.

  Since this year, Yuxi Town has played a leading sheep in the development of the grassroots party organization, relying on 8 village party branches, decomposes the target tasks, allowing the branch base, party members 上海各区gm资源汇总推荐 to keep the hill, cooperative technical guidance, and participate in variety selection, landFlow, field management, planting a pepper more than 5,500 mu, built more than 200 mu of demonstration bases.In order to reduce the impact of market factors on the pepper industry, the town optimizes variety choices, adjusts planting time, plant early and green pepper, high-yield 上海千花娱乐论坛 red pepper and evening peppers.

At present, the pepper has a good growth, and the green peppers have begun to go public, and the red peppers have been fully booked. It is estimated that the annual output value can reach 15 million yuan, and the pepper planting can increase more than 7,000 yuan.


Central Bank Foreign Exchange Bureau solicited opinions on new offshore international trade development

[] In order to implement the "Opinions on Accelerating the New Mode of the State Council", the "Double Cycling" new development pattern, further enhance the level of trade liberalization, promote the new model of foreign trade, health 爱上海同城aish and continuous innovation, China The People’s Bank, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, jointly drafted the "Notice on Supporting the Development of New Offshore International Trade Development". Since the end of 2020, the foreign exchange bureau has carried out pilot work of supporting new offshore international trade development in Hainan, and the market responded positively.

In order to make policy benefits more areas and subjects, the People’s Bank, the foreign exchange office plans to promote pilot policies to the whole country, and further facilitate the implementation of real compliance business.

  First, standardize new offshore international trade definitions.

The "Notice" clear new offshore international trade has the characteristics of "exchange of goods 爱上海后花园龙凤论坛 involved in China or not entering my country or not in my country Customs Statistics", which is convenient for banking. The second is to refine the requirements for the operation of the bank exhibition industry.

"Notice" requires banks to carry out the due diligence from strengthening the prior to intensive, implementing customer classification, optimizing business review, strengthening post-monitoring, further improving service level, and guiding banking in accordance with the principle of return to business, focusing on entity economic innovation development And the new offshore international trade carried out by promoting the integrity of industrial chain supply chain. The third is to clarify bank review requirements. The fourth is to implement this foreign currency integration management.

The 爱上海贵族宝贝419 "Notice" stipulates that the People’s Bank and the Foreign Exchange Bureau conducted supervision and management of new offshore international trade operations. Under the premise of preventing risks, the People’s Bank and the Foreign Exchange Bureau have realized this foreign currency integration management on the cross-border funds of the new offshore international trade business, support offshore trade development.

The fifth is to strengthen risk monitoring management. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.


At 18 o’clock on November 17, the world’s low risk in Chongqing!

  People’s Network Chongqing November 17th (Liu Zhengning, Yao Yao, Liu Min) Chongqing Municipal Government News Office held a press conference in Chongqing Xinzhong Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. From November 13th to November 17th, Chongqing did not have new diagnosed cases and asymptomatic infected people. There were 6 cases of local confirmed cases, 5 cases of non-symptom infection, were isolated in the municipal public health treatment center for isolation or isolation medical observations, and patients were stable. Li Lin, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Health and Health Committee, since the epidemic, the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government attaches great importance to the city’s epidemic prevention and control leadership group meeting, arrange deployment of epidemic prevention and control, relevant departments, 上海水磨会所交友论坛 district and county quickly action , Fully go to the competent point, block the chain, and control the surface to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Integrate the city, district flow force, the first time to carry out the stream tracking source to check the source; "three public" collaborative tracking close contact, secondary contact, timely transfer, isolation, testing; scientific and sealing area, control area , The prevention area, the implementation of the circle level accurate management, precision, and effectively dispose of this epidemic. Lee said, according to the relevant provisions of the State Council’s joint defense mechanism, after the municipal expert group, Jingqing Shui Avenue, Shijiao Community, Baosheng Lake Street, Yubei District, Chongqing, Chongqing Xingqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.上海奉贤新茶嫩茶, Yubei There are three-risk regions such as the No. 88 Central Park Community, No. 88, Central Park Community, No. 88, Central Park Community.

The leadership team of the city’s epidemic prevention and control work agreed that the above three in-risk areas were adjusted to low-risk areas on November 17th.

After adjustment, the whole country in Chongqing is a low-risk area.

  On the bank reminded the general public, the world’s low-risk is not equal to zero risk, "unpacking" is not equal to "solving defense", everyone must perform personal epidemic prevention responsibilities, enhance epidemic prevention, implement epidemic prevention measures, comply with epidemic prevention requirements, cooperate with epidemic prevention management, and do itself Healthy "first responsible 上海浦东品茶论坛 person".

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